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It’s Time to Talk About Credit

True or False? – ‘If you take out a credit card and don’t use it, your credit score will increase’ The answer is at the end… When’s the last time you checked your credit score? If it wasn’t ‘this month’, do yourself a favour and check it today. If you fear it may be low,…

Money in Relationships #Goals

When it comes to being in a relationship, it can be tricky enough without having to speak about money. Many couples do not usually speak about money, when in fact a conversation about money is one of the most important conversations you could have. A lot of people find it hard to start the conversation,…

‘What does goal setting have to do with my money?’

Yes, I heard you from here – you want to know what goal setting has to do with your money.  So now that you’ve set your goals, you may be able to spot a common theme. Your goals will either be focused on making more money or needing to spend money. Here’s a little secret…

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